SHILOH TV is provided to members only.
You need to get an approval from the head pastor of the church you currently attend—This will be verified by the Shiloh International Ministry and will be followed by the final approval for your registration.

SHILOH TV is maintained by membership fees, which is KRW 200,000 or USD 200 annually.
You will be authorized for one year since the start of the use of service. To extend the service, you need to make deposit within 5 days after the termination of the service.
(We will send an email for notification.)

Account to make payment
Name of bank WOORI BANK (우리은행) ORYU DONG BR.
Account No. 1081-700-529901
Name of account holder BAEK MIN CHUNG (백민정)
KRW (한화입금시)
Name of bank 우리은행
Account No. 1002-644-920888
Name of account holder 백민정

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