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How to register to be a member and be approved (Eng)

How to register to be a member and be approved (Eng)

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※ 한국어를 사용하시는 해외 성도님들은 평강제일교회 에메트 인터넷 선교회에서 운영하는
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How to use SHILOH TV
How to register to be a member and be approved
  • Goal of this service

    1. This serviced is offered for congregation members who cannot attend church in person.
    2. It is also for foreign congregation members who need interpreting, and ministers in overseas.
    3. This service provides VOD of worship services and Bible studies of Seoul main church.


  • How to register to be a member

    1. SHILOH TV is provided to members only.
    2. You need to get an approval from the head pastor of the church you currently attend—This will be verified by the Shiloh International Ministry and will be followed by the final approval for your registration.
  • Conditions to suspend membership status

    1. You will be given one ID. Double access to the site is blocked.

      1-1. However, double logging in in one network is possible if a household is using an IP sharing device.
      1-2. If attempts to log in are made with the same ID at the same time, logs will be generated. Your ID will be blocked from accessing to the site if such a case is found three times or more.
      1-3. The Shiloh International Ministry SHILOH TV collects IPs accessing to the site. (We use the data only for blocking unauthorized logging in)

    2. If you are found not attending your church when you still can—by the judgment of your head pastor—your rights to use this service can be denied at the request of your pastor to the Shiloh Ministry (Attending to church is more important).

  • Fee to use the service (offering) and access period

    1. SHILOH TV is maintained by membership fees, which is KRW 200,000 or USD 200 annually.
    2. You will be authorized for one year since the start of the use of service. To extend the service, you need to make deposit within 5 days after the termination of the service. (We will send an email for notification.)
    3. Please do not send the initial membership fee until you receive notification that your registration has been approved.

  • Account to make payment

    1. KRW
      Name of bank : 신한은행 (
      Shinhan Bank)
      Account No. : 110-314-087-819
      Name of account holder : 이민정
            2. Paypal
               A. Click on the yellow PayPal sign to the right side of the page
               B. Upon doing so click on Send
               C. Enter email:
               D. Click: Paying for an item or service
               E. Enter the amount you would like to send
               F. Enter shipping address and press continue
               G. You may then enter your method of payment (i.e. debit card or bank account)
               H. Then press next.
               I. You will receive a confirmation that your payment has been sent.
  • Attitude in attending services

    1. Worship service is dedicated to God. Although you attend services online, please worship with your whole heart both in body and mind, wearing fine clothes, and have your Bibles and hymnal ready to glorify God through services.


  • SHILOH TV Service

    1. LIVE channel is run by the Internet Ministry unlike previous services

      1-1. LIVE channel uses data from the Internet Ministry of the Seoul main church.
      1-2. The Internet Ministry of the Seoul main church checks ID and IP match to find unauthorized logging in.

    2. SHILOH TV service (VOD)

      2-1. Regular Worship Services (VOD): 2nd and 3rd service of the Lord’s Day, Wednesday, Thursday services, Shiloh English worship services
      2-2. Bible studies, seminars, special services (VOD): Bible studies, seminars, special services
      2-3. Ministers of the overseas branch churches only can use the service/downloading worship services: all (downloadable) video files of the worship services as in (2-1) (2-2) are provided
      2-4. VOD files are uploaded by noon of the following day. Downloadable file are also provided.

    3. SHILOH TV Mobile service and access to the service

      3-1. All members who are approved to become a member can use the service.
      3-2. However, unlike PC version, mobile service offers only LIVE channel and regular worship services (Services in the Lord’s Day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Shiloh Ministry) among VOD channels.

    4. SHILOH TV collects members’ data.

      4-1. Collected data items: access area, IP, operating system, browser, screen resolution. The data will be used only for the analysis of users and renewal of the service.

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